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Trail, B.C.        V1R4L3 
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Rental Agreement
Rental Agreement
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The Trail Curling Association will provide Bar Services if liquor is to be served.
No other
liquor is allowed to be consumed on this premise.
A bartender will be provided and liquor prices will be the current price as posted on our board and all revenues from liquor sales will remain the property of the Trail Curling Association.
All liquor policies are based on the B.C. Liquor Control Board guidelines. No one under the age of 19 will be served alcohol and the bartender on duty may require picture I.D. for anyone purchasing liquor and has the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Unaccompanied minors are permitted  until 10:00 pm when the facility is being used for recreational purposes.
Minors may stay after 10:00 pm for a family focused event that is not open to the public.

Our bartender will be the premise manager while on duty if our Regular Manager / Ice Maker is unavailable and has the right to request removal or refuse service to anyone from the premise.
The bartender will only do clean up of bar related items.

The lounge area is to be left in the same condition as received.
No confetti decorations will be allowed in the facility during curling season, as this gets tracked on to the ice surface.

Any group using the kitchen must leave it in the same condition as it was received.

It is preferable that you supply your own dishes/cutlery. Any group serving food must do their own cleanup
of food related items – ie: plates, cutlery, napkins, etc.

It is your organizations’ responsibility to ensure that your members behave in a responsible manner while using
our facility.  Any non-member organization using the curling ice should carry their own insurance policy,
should any of their patrons become injured / sick.

Should your members not be familiar with the sport of curling, we request that someone in your organization
take charge to ensure the safety of your members.  Curling is a fun sport, but if not performed properly, could be extremely hazardous.  Curling rocks are to be used as intended - not to be abused. (Winter season only)


Should your members not have proper footwear, we suggest that clean running shoes work best. 
All members should clean the bottom of their shoes using the boot cleaner located at the entrance doors.
Any debris that could collect on the ice adversely effects the direction of the curling rocks.  The only entrances to
the ice surface are either from the locker room, or at the far end of the facility.  No one is to enter the ice by way of
the doors in the entrance area. This is to keep our ice surface as clean as possible. (Winter season only)

** Winter season is mid Sept-March 31.

The renter hereby releases, saves harmless, and indemnifies the Trail Curling Association from
any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, and demands arising directly or indirectly from the renters
use and occupancy of the premise


This facility is a Non-Smoking facility and is fully wheelchair accessible.